12 Market Place – response to the Faversham News

The Society has sent the following letter to the Faversham News in response to comments about Faversham Town Council’s plans for 12 Market Place that were made by Mark Gardner in his column, Gardner Digs, on 7 April:

“The Faversham Society would like to state clearly that at present it neither supports nor opposes the Town Council’s proposed purchase of 12 Market Place.

“The Society has expressed support in principle for a museum or exhibition of the town’s remarkable collection of charters, and we made no objection on planning grounds to the application for change of use of the building. This is the full extent of our involvement. The council discussed its plans with us only informally and in outline, and the Society has not entered into any kind of partnership arrangement.

“Although the Faversham Society is referred to several times in the council’s recently published business plan, the Board of Trustees was not consulted on the preparation of this document and has not yet had an opportunity to consider it.”

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