7. Kent Downs AONB

Planners within the AONB are encouraged to refer to the AONBs Management Plan and supporting guidance when making their decisions on both planning applications and planning policy formulation.  Natural England (NE) is the Statutory consultee for the AONB and the Kent Downs works closely with Natural England on all applications on which we are consulted. The AONB Unit only responds to planning consultations when requested in accordance with an agreed protocol and the comments of the AONB relate only to the impact of the application or the policy on the components of natural beauty as set out in the Management Plan, and not all planning issues.

Kent Downs AONB Management Plan (2014)

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Kent Downs Management Plan has been formally adopted by each of the Local Authorities who have the AONB in their area.

It is used as a material consideration for planning applications.

Kent AONB Planning