Faversham Society Urges Members to Vote Infavour of the Creek Neighbourhood Plan

At its meeting, on 28th March the Board determined the Society’s position on the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum on May 4th.

Society’s position on the Referendum on the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan

The Faversham Society recognises that the development of the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan was a difficult process and that the resulting Neighbourhood Plan due to go to a referendum on May 4th is a compromise between many competing interests. The Society broadly supports the Neighbourhood Plan as it stands and recommends that its members vote in favour of it.

The Faversham Society will continue to consider particular development proposals on their merits and to make representations in furtherance of the maintenance of our heritage in accordance with the Society’s objects.



Request for a second Neighbourhood Plan in Faversham

Dear Shiel,

We have had some discussions in the Environment Committee and at the Board about Neighbourhood Plans and I was asked by the Board, at its last meeting, to write to you and suggest that Faversham needs another Neighbourhood Plan.

Early in 2017 the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan will go to the referendum and be passed with a good majority – we know of no organisation or significant individual likely to oppose the plan at the referendum. The passing of the plan and its subsequent implementation will increase confidence in the town.

There are a number of initiatives underway in the town – your Future Faversham Forum, the Twenty’s Plenty campaign and the Faversham Society’s traffic management initiative – which could find coherence through the neighbourhood planning process. An additional neighbourhood plan could address traffic, design, pedestrian access, heritage and conservation issues, and a host of other planning issues in a coherent way.

We have all learnt a great deal from the experience of the Creek NP. The Society has considerable expertise in the Board and there is enthusiastic support from us for a Town Council initiative under your leadership.

I have not suggested any delineation of the new plan area as we believe that this should be determined through a consultation process led by FTC, although we would very much like to be part of those discussions.

The Society hopes that you will be sufficiently interested in this proposal to take it forward under your leadership – for our part we will offer as much support as we are able.


Yours sincerely

Harold Goodwin,

Chair of the Faversham Society

26th October 2016