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  • The Solar Power Station is bigger than Faversham. The panels will be 3.9m/12.5 feet high: the height of a double-decker bus.
  • Just the electrical compound – the electrical substation and the batteries behind the bund will extend over 10ha – 20% bigger than the Faversham Recreation Ground which is a mere 8.1ha.
  • The batteries are unspecified this is an emerging and largely untested technology,
  • The Cleve Hill Solar power station will be built over land that has been part of the Faversham floodplain for hundreds of years
  • If built, we would have a huge industrial site on Faversham’s doorstep, changing the character of our historic town and reducing the amount of wildlife-rich amenity land available to us – just as the town grows rapidly.

The Faversham Society enthusiastically supports the development of all forms of renewable energy. We recognise the importance of using wind, solar and tidal technologies for power generation to reduce the use of carbon fuels and meet the UK commitments to reduce levels of greenhouse gasses. However, we have grave concerns about the negative environmental and amenity impact of the solar power station being proposed at Cleve Hill and across the surrounding marshes. There are alternative brownfield sites available, and distributed generation is both possible and more desirable.

We explain our concerns in detail here
You can also find some useful information on
Take a look and consider objecting.

The process is different from the normal planning process because the proposed development is so huge.  Considered as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Development (NSID)    the process bypasses local planning and, instead, the decision is made by the Secretary of State.   Individuals and groups who wish to have a say must register as an Interested Party.  It has to be done by 23:59 on Monday 28 January but it’s a very simple process.

All the information you need to comment is on the Planning Inspectorate’s website

If you care about our marshes now is the time to act and Make Your Voice Heard. Remember that anyone can comment and we need to express the scale of our concern, encourage others to comment. You don’t have to speak if you comment, so Make Your Voice Heard.